Spring Fever?

Once, there was a man who told me that I had no business thinking about warm weather until March 1st. Now that we are only 6 days from this calendar date,  I have officially broken the cardinal rule and spring fever is in full force! I’ve lived in Central Idaho long enough to understand there will be a few snowy days left before we can consider ourselves to be “out of the woods.” Old man winter always seems to surprise us until the bitter end. However, I know that some of you may be wondering why the office is so excited about the warmer days ahead? The reason is simple; we are anticipating a strong real estate market to kick off during the summer months in the Valley County region. Activity has been on the incline since January 1st, and more people are inquiring about real estate as opposed to this time last year. With this in mind, we are very optimistic that this trend will continue. We can longer hide the fact that Central Idaho is a recreational paradise for the outdoor enthusiast. As we continue to put ourselves on the map, we will experience more tourism which will be very beneficial for the state of our economy. 

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